Partner in charge:
arch. Maciej Busch, arch. Kamil Domachowski
cooperation: arch. Michał Kraska
Location: Gdańsk/Polska
Status: Idea

Designated place at a monument to the soldiers is located in an open space, surrounded by forest, glade and sky. For the first time, you can change this false illusion that this place is a recipe for any form by any thought. However, this space is sensed voltage-such as a compact structure. It does not define the physical here, but something more specific, complicated. The intention of the presented concept is to build a multi-threaded mood. There is no defined idea. Only one thing is certain soldier slender column of a specific symbol. Looking at the monument in a short time we see soldiers standing, waiting for the command superior to defeat the enemies. In another moment we want to see how our people, swathed in camouflage, energetically jumping out from under the covers to finally deal a blow to the invaders. Do not see including the temple of our brothers? Silence, meditation we can find in its interior.