Town hall in Orunia, Gdansk, Poland

Authors: arch. Kamil Domachowski, arch. Maciej Busch
Cooperation: arch. Jakub Brzuchański
Location: Poland, Gdańsk,Orunia
Status: conceptual design

The town hall in Orunia same as adjoining church were built in 1860s and are examples of Gothic Revival. As we may read it functioned not only as town hall and police station but also help center for unemployed, seat of the local authorities and during World War 2 an anti-aircraft defense office.

The redesign of the object aims to adapt it to completely new functions and become a cultural center for the local community and so called MEDIATEKA. Designers’ vision is to redefine its role in urban location and establish an Entry Gate to City of Gdansk from Orunia District direction.

The building concept is an open elevation from city entrance point of view. Huge glazing reveals its inner function and provokes to explore the interior.

Ground floor consists of:

  • Conference room,
  • Offices for district council,
  • Co-working space,
  • Foyer.

On the upper levels there are rooms for Mediateka situated. The underground is dedicated for meetings, workshops and some rooms to fulfill building’s technical functions needs. An inside lift is going to be provided.

The surrounding area is planned to become an open space, separated only from the main street but exposed for pedestrians walking from Orunia Market, which is being built.