Partner in charge: arch. Maciej Busch, arch. Kamil Domachowski cooperation: arch. Jakub Brzuchański, arch. Paweł Szustakowski, arch.krajobrazu Daria Kowalczyk Location: Warszawa/Poland Status: competition Spatial planning concept is based on the determination of the three main functional areas that are different from each other and to the operation, and the presentation of his face against the city of Warsaw. The area designated for the concepts is an important keystone of the city’s transport hub. In this space is oriented tram network, transport wheel and the Future Part III subway line. We know that the city functioned efficiently to ensure that all these elements – permeability, collision-free. However, the city was a city, in this syntax element can not fail the people, entities for which the city actually occurred without which the city is not exist. The main aim of this concept is to maintain integrity, free functioning of each of these elements, including a human. This concept proposes three areas: children-space services, meetings, cultural performances, information hub from which people can be reached in any other corner of the city; “square-forest” – a buffer green wall for quarters human habitat, the space within which we find nature; platform newly delineated space, symbolizing the unity of the present day, with the needs of today’s society, people twenty-first century.