Partner in charge:
arch. Maciej Busch, arch. Kamil Domachowski
(with arch. Jacek Droszcz, arch Krzysztof Droszcz)
Location: Gdynia/Polska
Status: competition

“Wings of an Angel” – high-rise, who wants to recount the history of space. This building is located inGdansk, in a city that is famous for its shipbuilding industry, “solidarity” and people like Lech Walesa. The design concept is supported by a philosophy of work and operation of the crane. The body is the synthesis. It takes the form, as a result of the research – analysis forces acting on the crane. In addition to the external form, high-rise assimilated his movement. This triggers the migration dynamics of the sun. Since the emergence of the star, to the west, solid “catch” the sun’s rays and it accumulates. The wave shape is a triangle, so that it can flow freely wind streams. The building is oriented to the west, in order to work with this force of nature. The body is the impression that is coming to the wind and looks out to sea.