Partner in charge: arch. Maciej Busch, arch. Kamil Domachowski   Promotor: arch Jacek Droszcz     Location: Gdynia/Poland                                      Status: Idea

The study’s design center “Nauta”. The relevant area is part of a future area ofGdynia- “intertrack”. This area can become in the future showcase of modernGdynia. From the west, the area forms the waterfront. To give right diagnosis, we had to ask a number of subsidiary questions that the joint approach will create a solid foundation for development of the area – interference space. Mondrian’s work was the inspiration for many artists, was inspired stencils, fashion, sculptors, designers, public objects, and finally for architects. Mondrian was not completely exhausted. It is more than time, the principles of which can be embodied in various disciplines of art, and that is why we decided to use it as a connecting element era of modernism and modernity, as a permanent connection betweenGdyniaand yard space Nauta.