Partner in charge: “Studio Architektoniczne KWADRAT” i “A-PLAN bis”: arch. Jacek Droszcz, arch. Bazyli Domsta, arch. Andrzej Kwieciński, arch. Zbigniew Kowalewski, arch. Kamil Domachowski, arch. Maciej Busch cooperiation: arch. Krzysztof Kulawczuk, arch. Izabela Gierada – Lipka, arch. Magdalena Grabarczyk, arch. Paweł Grabarczyk, arch. Tomasz Rochna, arch. Krzysztof Droszcz, arch. Magdalena Landowska, arch. Michał Kraska Location: Gdańsk/Poland Status: built Past – underground forms, Present – square, Future – the symbol of the cityAll the evils of the war hiding under the ground, and the “light” of hope enters into the gap that arises at the time of bursting shells covering the square around the museum. On the surface it is a cut connecting the interior of the museum with the outside world. The interior of the museum are entering the ramp, suspended over the gap, going deeper and deeper into the dark mood of the underworld. Input slot inside the building is transformed into the axle on which the “stringed” is a program of the museum. The path eventually draws visitors to explore the area, which also has symbolic overtones – has lead to the belief that promoting the idea of anti-war gives hope for the peaceful coexistence of people regardless of their beliefs, religion or race.