makieta z reka

Partner in charge:                                                              arch. Maciej Busch, arch. Kamil Domachowski             (with arch. Robert Juchnevic)                                                  Consultation: dr hab. arch. Lucyna Nyka        Location: Gdańsk/Poland                                      Status: Idea

Ads – they are everywhere: on buildings, on roads, on roofs. They shout slogans and hundreds of colors. Ads don’t ask anyone’s opinion, suddenly, a good burst into the city, have appeared in them and they have become an indispensable part. Although most disfigure the landscape and obscuring everything valuable and not worth seeing – we’re used to their presence. Impossible to be thrown out ads in cities and our lives (the reason is simple: people want to be well informed …), but we can make advertising more friendly to man. Home-advertising becomes “urban indicator” of the most emblematic places. Each of the segments rotated relative to each other, indicating a specific direction: the sea, the park, the old town, etc.; their architecture and furnishings while saying about the characteristics indicated place. The segment showing the sea is a reservoir for rainwater, which is used in household segment showing complete green city park, etc.