Partner in charne:  arch. Maciej Busch, arch. Kamil Domachowski Construction: Jarosław Piotrowski Author consultant: arch. Bazyli Domsta Location: Gdańsk/Poland Status: idea Cooperate with the history of space. Through cooperation we understand consistent connection to what modern with what is local – the tradition of ‘place’. The key issue in creating the idea was to maintain the historic landscape of the port, the city ofGdansk, which greets arriving passengers. They think that would stand up in defense of this heritage, the bridge was the idea in the form of a single line – smooth stroke hand, linking the two banks of the river. The horizontal line is sophisticated simplicity of expression included the completion of the architectural fabric of the city. At the time of the Teutonic Order todayOlowiankaIslandwas the scene of an important castle of the Teutonic Knights for the team on the opposite side of the Motlawa. Directly related to the place of foundation land bridge to the Medieval city walls.Gdanskis a city of long  tradition in the search for the “cover” for the mechanism of the bridge, the assumption – the thought is looking strong attributes associated with the city landscape. Ultimately, this tool crawling form the image of the tower – which is physically eyes, breathing the present.